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All you need to know about Section 377 Homosexuality is considered a taboo in a largely conservative Indian society which appears to be divided on the controversial issue.
"There's still a lot of people who don't understand transgender — I don't understand all the aspects of transgender people," he said. "But I just have to respect that."
More Imams are coming out as gay and preaching that homosexuality isn't condemned in Islam. They're part of a global push for a more liberal interpretation of the Koran that acknowledges diversity and empowers mosques to welcome sexual minorities.
LGBTQ special report- Homing in on the science of homosexuality—and sexuality itself.
Part of HIV prevention is to encourage HIV testing with rapid HIV tests. Frequently I am dealing with very distressed patients who are worried they may have been exposed to HIV.
In episode 5, having witnessed the wide implications of the anti-gay "propaganda" law, we meet up with the man behind the legislation.
In episode 4 we meet one of Putin's spin doctors, Alexey Mukhin, who is the Director General of the Center for Political Information.
In episode 3 we meet Katia from Pussy Riot and some of Russia's core LGBT activists, Alexei Davydov, Ray and Nix
In part 2 we meet 17-year-old activist Nikita who has been labeled a "propagandist" because of his YouTube channel about LGBT rights
When Russian President Vladimir Putin banned gay "propaganda" in June 2014, Russia's LGBT community went from being a stigmatized fringe group to full-blown enemies of the state.