German soccer stud Mario Götze may be forever remembered as the man who single-handedly won the 2014 World Cup for Germany, but before that, he was well-known among soccer fans for having impeccable taste in the swimsuit department.

German soccer stud Mario Götze Mario Götze and this amazing swimsuit this week!German soccer stud Mario Götze amazing swimsuit

Deadspin has published a few undated photos of Götze in his amazing swimsuit, presumably taken long before you knew him or cared to hear anything about him. The photos capture an intimate moment between Götze and an unidentified female as they hug on a yacht.

They also have everyone buzzing this week because, well, take a look for yourself!

Those swim trunks are absolutely amazing. The style is so fashion-forward and the color works flawlessly with Götze’s skin tone. The trim is beautifully sewn, I assume, and that waistband is not distracting at all. I can totally see why everyone is talking about Mario Götze and this amazing swimsuit this week!

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